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NotifyMe - Instant notification of a persons arrival

NotifyMe is a very useful application for notifying immediately the right people of someone's arrival. Depending on which category the person is enrolled in defines which area the message is sent to. If they are a VIP or need assistance it would be Customer Services, if they were a troublemaker then Security would be notified. It gives the image of the enrolled photo and the image of the face that has just been captured. It shows both and a confidence level that it is the same person. This confidence level can be adjusted so the false negative and positives are optimised.

The application is available on a Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Face Recognition Slack feed

SmartPhone Notification

No matter where someone is they can be notified of a persons arrival on their Smartphone - they may be on site or remote.

The example shows a Slack feed but could easily be a Microsoft Teams or Skype feed.

It also shows that even with or without glasses and facial hair it still throws back a high confidence rating.

Confidence Level

The system confidence level can be adjusted to optimise the number of false negatives / positives. By showing both images it gives the user the ability to make a final judgement as the whether the images are the same.  

Immediately someone is notified of an enrolled persons arrival..

NotifyMe Woman looking at phone v2

Knowing when someone arrives personlises the service we offer..

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