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Powerful insights into your customer movements (InSite2 : Facial Analysis Software )

Information about a visiting customer or passenger has historically been extremely difficult until now. When one of our facial analysis systems is installed we provide insight into how many unique visitors arrive at what time, their age and gender, how long they stayed, how often they returned and where they went. So for an example we can now provide information on - how many males/ females between the ages of 25-35 visited on a Friday afternoon between 2-3pm, how long they stayed and then compare it with yesterday or a previous period of time. This is extremely valuable facial analysis information so that you can better serve your customers as the right number of qualified staff are available to provide an appropriate service level and the relevant products are merchandised correctly to maximise sales and increase profitability.

Footfall Example

Customer Footfall

We count the number of faces entering a building, site or store and then report on how many, when and how often.

Site Comparison

Site Comparisons

Data is capture at each location and then comparisons can be made about footfall, the demographic make up of the footfall and whether they are repeat customers.

Multiple Zones

Multiple Zones

Data can be gathered for single or multiple zones around the site and then the flow of each demographic can be monitored and highlighted.

Age Comparisons

Age Comparisons

For defined periods comparisons can be made as to the footfall entering the site as well as the demographic make up of those customers. This example shows the footfall of 41-45 year olds is morning only and tails off jn the afternoon.

31-35 year olds Jan vs Feb 640x404

31-35 Year Old Analytics

Comparisons of age groups and gender can be highlighted. In this actual case it shows that 31-35 year old women do not shop for clothes in the morning - only after 2pm!

Fish Analytics

Data Presentation (Fish)

Presentation of the data can be made in many ways depending on the requirements of the customer. In this example the triangle fish are males, the circles are females and the reeds at each side are the totals of males and females.

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Camera Face Recognition

"Never before has this data been available for management to make informed decisions ....."

Senior Manager - Microsoft

Bespoke Dashboard

We can build comprehensive dashboards to meet specific customer requirements. To build a complete trading picture we can pull data from multiple sources.

  • Epos Data for include revenue figures and therefore conversion ratios can be highlighted for different demographic customer profiles
  • Workforce management data to include number of staff on at any given period to be able to manage staffing to optimum levels
  • External data such as weather can be include for each location and it's impact on footfall, revenue and staffing levels

Once historical data has been captured, the system can then PREDICT operational requirements for future trading periods. 

Personalised Data Sets

We capture a vast amount of data which can be customised to a customers specific needs. Data not only can come from InSite2 but other sources either in the business or external. The whole idea is to provide business insight that can assist management to make informed decisions.


Informed Decisions

Multiple sources of data can be pulled together so that Management can make informed decisions and increase the success of the business. Capturing the data to provide historical trends is the first pass than once enough data is collated we can then predict outcomes.