“I am my Ticket”

"I am my Ticket" walk on without breaking your stride...

Unlike traditional ticketing, I am My Ticket applies facial technology to register a person’s face for access and payment; its level of accuracy and speed means that users have an efficient and seamless experience.

Initial registration is via a website where your face and payment information is uploaded. From this, users can then travel at will, as each journey will be recorded.

A seamless and easy journey each time.

Bus & Train Application

I am My Ticket also provides the organiser or organisation with information which allows them to understand their customers. For instance, popular routes, length of journeys, demographic data etc.

With this knowledge on their end users numbers and entry flow, staffing rotas, marketing digital signage on buses and trains, catering and opening areas can be changed appropriately to maximise efficiency. In addition, appropriate facilities can be put in place given the intelligence and data that has been collected.

Additional benefits

The new technology also makes a person’s trip safer and less stressful as they do not need to remember to have their ticket on them, or worry if their electronic device is running low on battery. Their face is all they need to get home.

Another benefit is for those with specific needs – by using I am My Ticket, a company will have been informed of any areas of additional need or service and appropriate action made to accommodate these. For instance, designated areas or train ramps can be organised in advance to make the traveller’s journey much more pleasant.

Fast and accurate boarding of buses, trains and other forms of transport

Enviromently friendly as no physical tickets required (reduced plastic)

Leading Bus Operator