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Facial Recognition Software Solutions

We have built a comprehensive list of applications relevant for different markets. Some are off the shelf others need customisation to meet specific needs of our customers.

We are always interested to hear of new and innovative ideas that we can turn into relevant market leading solutions.

Background Data Capture

FaceStream Suite

To capture Faces we use IP cameras to identify people entering a location. The FaceStream software then translates the images into data and a single data image is stored. The data is then analysed and the individuals age and gender is estimated allowing the company to understand who they customers are and their movements.

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People Analytics

Insite2 is TouchByte's business intelligence tool that enables insight into your customers anonymous profile and in-store behaviour. Analysis of the footfall at various time periods and the demographic nature of the footfall.

Background Facentry

Access Control

Facentry is principally aimed at secure Hotel Bedroom door access but can be used for other applications where access is required for other secure areas.

Background AgeCheck

Age Check

AgeCheck validates the ages of customers purchasing age related goods at a self service terminal (alcohol, medication, solvents, cigarettes, fireworks) and continues the transaction if the software estimates they are over a predetermined age.

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Background NotifyMe

Smartphone Notification

NotifyMe is our application that tells chosen departments that an enrolled person has arrived. It works on a desktop / laptop, tablet and smartphone. it shows the enrolled image, the latest image captured for comparison and the percentage chance of a match.

Background FaceReception

Visitor Chec-In

Chec-In - software runs on a Kiosk in reception where an automated registration is possible, notifying the host of a visitors arrival together with their photo. When the visitor returns to the site again, with their permission their image is held and the process of registration is streamlined.

Background FaceAttendance

Time & Attendance

Recording a staff members clock-in and clock-out gives a fast and reliable way of monitoring time worked. Employee faces can be download to their place of work immediately following job offer and acceptance. No more "Buddy punching" allowed.

Background FalconEye

Pop Up Visitor Analytics

Monitoring the attendance of visitors to a show, exhibition, pop-up shop or an event has been traditionally very difficult to capture and prove to exhibitors the attendance figures. We can now provide footfall and demographic data in real-time for the duration of the event using our FalconEye solution.

Background FaceSignage

Digital Signage

By analysing the demographic nature of the visiting public, we can trigger changing advertising and promotions relevant to the target audience at the site. Content can be measured as to its appeal by measuring footfall and conversion analytics.

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Background FacePurse

Pay by Face

For certain applications our Face Recognition system can validate who someone is and link to a persons payment profile. Meal deal payments in supermarkets at lunchtime require a super fast method of transacting and payment. FacePurse is a way of speeding up end of transaction payment.

Background FaceTicket

"I am my Ticket"

"I am my Ticket" is similar to the Underground Oyster card and rather than a card, your FACE becomes your ticket. Capturing your journey start time and location and your end of journey time and location it then calculates the cost of that journey without the need of a phone or ticket.

Background FaceAccess

Office Access

Any medium and large organisation will have security passes issued. Your face can replace these as a way of monitoring access and movement around a workplace. At the point of employment you will be allocated an area to work in, straying out of this or an intruder is seen, prompts a notification to security.

Background FacePark 640x404

Park using your Face

Triggering access to a Car Park by a user face rather than a car means the user is free to use whatever car they like to gain access to the car park.

For service's business such as a Hotel, when someone arrives at the entrance the recipient gets a notification of the guests arrival.

Background Facexclusion 640x404

Self-excluded Gamblers

This application notifies a gambling establishment of anyone that has self excluded themselves - declared they have an addiction, which passes the responsibility from the person to the company to stop them gambling. We enrol those that have self-excluded and then notify the company of their arrival.

Background EmotionTrigger 640x404

Emotion Trigger

The application analyses a persons face captures age, gender and mood. Based on the emotion of the person in the frame the system will trigger an action / event. One example was to trigger a suggested cocktail based on a person's emotion to a number of images



Solution for uploading a face image and identifying the date and times when the face was seen in a historical log so that a point in the CCTV footage can be accessed to identify them - GDPR compliant.

Face Recognition Couple at Kiosk

Let us know your ideas, I can explain technically how we would convert them into reality....

Mark Bailey - TouchByte Technical Director

Bespoke Dashboard

We capture a large amount of data that can be turned into insights about your visiting customers. Specific dashboards can be created to deliver unique management information.

Personalised Data Sets
Whether it be footfall or demographic data these can be combined with Epos data, workforce management and weather data to provide comprehensive personalised data sets for each location.
Informed Decisions

Once multiple data sets have been captured and analysed, then based on historical periods of time, predictions can be made to ensure accurate and informed decisions are acted on.