Hardware Solutions

Hardware Solutions (Facial Recognition Hardware, Equipment & Face Recognition Devices )

The Face Recognition hardware we provide is based on industry standard hardware components where possible. Any specific bespoke hardware that is required we design and manufacture ourselves.

IDS camera

Cameras and Lenses

The specification of cameras is calculated for each customer requirement. Whether it be for analytics and recognition or more for one to one validation we suggest the best model for what we are looking to achieve. We have a relationship with IDS for their machine vision cameras and Ricoh for the lenses. These manufacturers are tested and proven to work with our software.

Intel NUC

PC's / Servers / Networking

Our preference for processing power for the cameras is the compact Intel NUC range of PC's. Servers are largely the choice of each customer although we can supply Fujitsu and Dell hardware if required. Networking again is the choice of the customer,

Compact Enclosures

We have a partnership with a German manufacture of quality enclosures. These are relevant for both indoor and outdoor installations.

TB450 Housing For face Recognition

Bespoke Enclosures

We have designed a range of compact camera housings built for both internal and external installations IP65 rated. They are elegantly designed to fit the branding of most environments.

Pepper Robot 3 with Face Recognition


We work with partners to build applications that use Face Recognition in Robots for customer service, reception functions or providing personalised information to customers.

FaceReception Face Recognition


We offer a range of kiosks which have cameras built in to allow face recognition applications to be used. They vary from low cost modern looking to bespoke designed and manufactured units. FaceReception is a popular application for automating the reception function.

Bispoke Design

Bespoke Design

We have a partnership with VitalSpark who design and build specific pieces of hardware for use with our Face Recognition solutions.

We can provide all the components for a turnkey solution....

Thespian Robot Face Recognition yellow eyes hello

TouchByte took ownership of the complete solution - hardware, software and services.

Head of Innovation


Industry Standard Hardware with a bespoke capability provide complete solutions to customers requirements


Innovative Face Recognition applications are our main focus which include Analytics, Recognition and Validation of people entering a location


Services include; Consultancy, project scoping, development, testing, project management, installation and support