FaceStream - Video Analytics using Face Recognition (Off line Google Analytics)

Information about a visiting customer or passenger has historically been extremely difficult until now. When one of our systems is installed we provide facial analytics and insight into how many unique visitors arrive at what time, their age and gender, how long they stayed, how often they returned and where they went. So for an example we can now provide information on - how many males/ females between the ages of 25-35 visited on a Friday afternoon between 2-3pm, how long they stayed and then compare it with yesterday or a previous period of time. This is extremely valuable facial analytics information so that you can better serve your customers with the right number of qualified staff available to provide a higher more personalised service level and relevant products merchandised correctly to maximise sales and increase profitability.

FaceStream Lite is TouchByte's entry level Analytics tool...

TB Lady Data Capture

Video Analytics

We use CCTV and machine vision cameras to capture and process people’s faces. Multiple faces seen in a video can be processed in under a second for immediate anonymous analysis, recognition and notification to a relevant member of staff or to activate a process i.e. - open a door. The original image is translated into a digital signature and then deleted. No image is held for more than a few seconds – personal privacy is treated with the highest respect. The algorithm is currently used for National Security for passport and border control so has had many years of development and millions of pounds spent on its speed and accuracy which we can benefit from.

Footfall shoppers Face Recognition

Customer Footfall

By automatically capturing a unique face and converting it into data we can count the number of visitors / customers / passengers to a location and the number of times we see that person and at what time they visited. This can be then compared for different times of day, week, month and year. We can also enrol regular visitors and staff who then get excluded from the figures to give even greater accuracy.

This is viewed as one of the most accurate Footfall counters as the system only counts unique faces and everyone has a face! Unlike Wi-Fi or Beacon systems that rely on everyone using the technology and it switched on.

Demographics Face Recognition

Customer Demographics (Age & Gender)

The unique anonymous face data is profiled and an estimated age and gender is calculated. The algorithm we use is the best on the market for demographic data and is generally +/- 5 years accurate which is perfect for categorising visiting customers into target groups. The success of any marketing and social media campaigns can then be monitored as footfall and demographics can be measured as a result.

Dwell time v2

Customer Dwell Time

Knowing how long your customers stay on your premises is an extremely valuable metric and also knowing which target demographic group stays longer and who spends the most is massively valuable for both the finance dept. and store operations. By encouraging people to spend longer prompts the question does that equate to increased revenue, the system provides data to prove / disprove this.

Customer Flow Face Recognition

Customer Flow

Where do customers go when visiting your premises is a question many customers ask? With our solution we can provide data on the journey each customer makes around the site by age and gender. By positioning cameras at various key points around the site will enable us to gather data of anonymous individual traffic flow and animate the results to show hot and cold spots, giving valuable data for marketing and merchandising purposes. Click here to view an animation.

Returning Customer

Repeat / New Customers

We can provide data on how many times a customer returns to a location. This is particularly relevant for high value items so you can see the average number of times a customer visits before making a purchase. Also the stat on the percentage of new and existing customers shows customer loyalty which is a useful measure as to how successfully you are engaging with your customers. It also allows you to welcome them on their return.



Once we've captured the face detail we can overlay an emotion layer which can give you the reaction that your visiting customers have with your brand on a timely basis. So Monday morning customers maybe more sad than a Friday, but the key thing is, how can you change that through customer service, merchandising and ambiance and does that affect their buying patterns? We can provide you with the results!

We have created EmotionTrigger application which based on your emotion triggers an event.

Actionable insights about your visiting customers?

Reporting on Customer Analytics

Reports - InSite2

InSite2 is “A new secret source of data for informed decision making” using Microsoft’s Power BI suite of business analytics tools to deliver valuable customer insights across your organisation. We have built a standard suite of useful and stylish reports, which can be published for your organisation to consume on the web and across various mobile devices. Additional bespoke reports can be developed to meet specific business issues. Other useful data sources are; Epos sales data, workforce management staff details and the weather are examples of other useful data sources. Historical data can be stored and future trends predicted.

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digital-signage v2

Interactive Signage

Using the age and gender estimation function of the system we provide a trigger to change and present relevant content on a digital sign targeted at the demographic group near or viewing the signage. This impacts on potential sales as relevant content / incentives are shown creating interest and then converting into sales. Many may remember Minority Report (2002) with actor Tom Cruise walking through a shopping Mall and various products being presented to him – this is now reality. We work with media partners to deliver the total solution.

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Falconeye v2

FalconEye - Pop-up Analytics

FalconEye is our pop-up / temporary analytics solution, ideal for events, exhibitions, product launches and temporary retail sites. We provide details on the number of visitors arriving at any given time, their age and gender and how long they stayed. This is valuable data for the organisers to substantiate their footfall figures and the target market that the event appeals to. Additional cameras can be added to give insight into the flow around the site and even down to who visited what stand and which breakout seminar sessions.

Woman Face Recognition v2

Animated Video - highlighting customer flow

"It all starts with data, data leads to insights and action, but you have to have the right data first!"

Elmer Smith VP of customer strategy - JC Penney

Improved Customer Service

Knowing more about the age and gender of your customers means that products and services can be developed to meet the needs of the visiting customers at different hours of the day and week.

Effective Merchandising

Knowing what products are being brought by different demographic groups means that the merchandise can be displayed at different times of the day to maximise sales

Optimum Workforce Management

Making sure that enough qualified staff are scheduled to be available to meet the footfall and demographic demands at different times of the day to maximise sales.