FaceStream Lite

FaceStream Lite - more than just footfall counting

FaceStream Lite is TouchByte's next generation customer low cost footfall solution. It takes the existing inaccurate counter solutions to the next level. It provides Retailers, Leisure venue operators and those that wish to gather accurate detailed analytics of "People in Places". We provide data on when they arrived and who their customers are - totally anonymously!

Customer Footfall, Age & Gender by Zone and Time

  • Low cost, acquired either by capital purchase or monthly subscription
  • Cost of hardware and installation paid upfront with a monthly charge for software and reporting (volume discounts based on commitment)
  • Greater Accuracy - If you have an existing inaccurate counting system FaceStream Lite takes customer footfall counting to the next level of accuracy
  • Age estimation (typically accurate to +/- 5 years
  • Gender 95.8% accurate
  • Time of arrival captured
  • Staff enrolled on the system and excluded from any figures
  • Zone comparisons
  • Exit / Entrance
  • Single unit installation deployed in the best places to pick up persons entering
  • 4G card network card built in
  • Easy to deploy
  • Data held in a Central Cloud business intelligence tool for reporting and management insght
    Site comparisons similar sites one against the other for performance optimisation
    When reported with Epos data conversions can be made against different demographics
    Also staff scheduling can be optimised based on customer footfall trends


Data Capturered

Bookings can be made online and the guest face uploaded. The guest receives a text to say which room they are in and then arrives at the hotel. They can either use a kiosk or bypass the reception as the system will know automatically of their arrival and give them access to their room by using their face.

Saves the need for 24/7 reception staff.


Modern apartment blocks can now have Face Recognition built in to open the entrance doors. Faces of the residents and those that need to gain access can be downloaded to the door station and removed when not needed. A far more efficient way of managing remote access.

The system is also useful for holiday lets or Airbnb where guest’s faces can be downloaded to the system ready for any new arrivals without the need for the host to be there.

Serviced offices

Solution Benefits

Integrates with TouchByte's Insite2 reporting tool which has been developed to give accurate figures from the day before.
• Footfall Counting by the hour and zone if multiple cameras are used
• Age reporting by the hour
• Gender reporting by the hour
This helps with staff scheduling, product merchandising, monitoring the success of marketing initiatives and improves the customer experience and service

Capturing valuable intelligence on the flow of people...

City Slickers Face Recognition

"Providing Information to streamine processes, reduce costs and offer a greater personalised service"

Retail Operations