TouchByte people recognition

People Recognition

By monitoring an entrance or a designated area, we can identify people that are enrolled in various categories that have different triggers associated with them. Opted in Images may be stored for premium customer service reasons, so the arrival of a VIP / valued customer would immediately trigger a notification to customer service. For safety reasons known registered troublemakers would be highlighted and immediately notified to security. This allows you to offer a differentiated level of customer service and operate a safer environment for your visiting customers. All enrolled images are governed by GDPR rules.

Lady VIP Face Recognition

VIPs and Big Spenders

By identifying special customers immediately they arrive and then notifying their arrival to customer services, this can then can trigger a level of personal service second to none and create a far greater brand loyalty. Holding details of any individual requires their opt-in so loyalty and membership schemes are created and are appreciated by those experiencing a higher level of customer service.

Dodgy geezer Face Recognition

Troublemakers and Undesirables

Providing a safe environment for your customers and reducing shrinkage is a by-product of knowing who the troublemakers and shoplifters are and removing them immediately before they cause any harm. Enrolling individuals on watch list is subject to the GDPR rules, allowing the system to notify security immediately they arrive. The system also highlights groups of individuals known to be working in a gang.

Man in Wheelchair Face Recognition

Those Needing Assistance

Those customers with a disability can be enrolled with their permission onto the system so immediately they arrive, customer services can offer assistance. So someone needing a personal shopper in retail store or someone travelling on the Railways needing assistance with boarding a train can immediately be assisted – personalised customer service at its best!

Unknown person Face Recognition

An Unknown Person

The reverse is also true by enrolling everyone in an office, school, on-board a cruise ship or working at a secure manufacturing plant can move around the site without any issue. However anyone that is picked up that isn’t on the watch list can be then notified to security as a potential intruder. This ensures safety and security at any site.

Returning Customer

A Returning Customer

We can provide data on how many times a customer revisits a location. This is particularly relevant for high value items so you can see the average number of times a customer visits before making a purchase. Also the reports showing the percentage of new and existing customers highlights customer loyalty which is a useful measure as to how successfully you are engaging with your customers.

NotifyMe Face Recognition

NotifyMe - Instant Alert

We have created a software application to immediately notify an individual of someone arriving that needs an action to be taken. NotifyMe runs on a desktop, tablet or smartphone and shows the enrolled image together with the image just taken. It also provides a percentage figure of the perceived accuracy of it being the same person which gives the user a manual override should it be necessary. The initial development has been integrated into Slack - a team collaboration tool.

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