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Face Recognition Development and Face Recognition Integration

Face recognition development and integration can be used for many different applications and TouchByte has developed unique development skills and understanding to be able to integrate Face Recognition into various business processes to give a benefit and ROI to an organisation. We have been asked to look at integrating our technology into lighting rigs, kiosk applications, digital signage, Epos terminals and various other third party software and hardware devices.

TouchByte’s software development and integration face recognition capabilities cover a wide variety of technologies including C, C++, Python, PHP, SQL & NoSQL databases and Azure cloud services. We have developed custom APIs for integration projects and can ensure that our face recognition technologies interface effectively with client upstream and downstream systems.

We employ an enhanced Agile software development methodology which allows us to rapidly turn around customer requirements but without ever sacrificing quality or documentation.

Existing Software Solutions

Most applications requirements are not entirely unique so therefore we have developed a number of generic solutions for key market sectors that have components that can be reused for other applications. This shortens the development cycle, provides proven and reliable software and keeps the cost to a minimum.

Some examples of these are:

  • InSite2 - customer analytics
  • Facentry - door access solution
  • AgeCheck - Self service checkout age validation
  • NotifyMe - Smartphone notification of a person arrival
  • FaceAttendance - Staff clock-in / clock-out time recording
  • FaceReception - Automated visitor check-in

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Hardware Products

We can provide industry standard Hardware and we have created a number of bespoke hardware devices.

  • Cameras and lens's
  • PC's, Servers and networking hardware
  • Camera enclosures
  • Kiosks
  • Robots
  • Bespoke capability

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Whatever your requirement we can meet it..

We have highlighted a couple of projects below that customers have benefited from our face recognition development and integration capability and which are now part of our portfolio.

self service checkout v2

AgeCheck - for Self Service Tills

Because of the high level of accuracy now being achieved in predicting a person’s age, we are building AgeCheck into self-service tills to automate and speed up transactions where age related goods need to have the customers age verified. For the highest level of compliance we set the age break at say 25/30 so anyone the system thinks is over that age has no interventions and goes straight through. Anyone under that age still gets a personal validation as normal.

Anyone who looks young and constantly gets age checked, can be validated and enrolled on the system and the system will check and see that they have been checked and let them through. They no longer have to keep ID with them.

Also we can capture the age and gender of customers buying age related products which could be sold back to the suppliers as a revenue stream.

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NotifyMe Face Recognition

NotifyMe - Instant Alert

We have created a software application to immediately notify an individual of someone arriving that needs action to be taken. NotifyMe runs on a desktop, tablet or smartphone and shows the enrolled image together with the image just taken. It also provides a percentage figure of the perceived accuracy of it being the same person which gives the user a manual override should it be necessary. The initial development has been integrated into Slack a team collaboration tool.

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emotions man
Meeting Face Recognition

Cobot Integration - co-working spaces

Cobot is the leading management software for co-working spaces, office hubs, and flexible workspaces around the world. We have integrated Facentry as a secure entry method for the co-working spaces. Each company employee is enrolled on the system and gains entry into the workspace by a camera recognising their face at each of the entrances.

This is being used by a Shared Workspace in Gloucester.

Emotion Trigger

Emotion Trigger does what it says. It picks up a face and we capture the age, gender and emotion of the person. The system then based on the emotion it establishes the person is showing will trigger an event.

An event might be a message on digital signage, ambiance or as we recently developed for a prestigious Microsoft event a message to suggest to the person in the frame, a cocktail they might like.

We also provided statistics on the demographics of the people that had cocktails suggested.

If you have a particular requirement we'd be pleased to discuss it

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