TouchByte individual validation

Individual Validation / Authentication (Face Recognition Access Systems)

New smartphones now unlock using your face, so why not unlock your car, your house, your office, the gym and other secure areas. You might also wish to securely access an ATM machine or various software applications. We have developed a number of applications where your face is a trigger to access a physical area or personal data. We are contributing towards a "Frictionless Society" where we won't need cash, cards, keys, tickets, passwords and signatures - just your FACE!

These are some of the applications that we're developing to help streamline and improve processes on this inevitable journey.

Lady Hotel Door Face Recognition

Facentry - Door Access

Facentry is an application principally designed for Hotel bedroom door access, where you enrol your face as part of your booking, you receive a notification either by email or text to say that you are allocated room 345, you travel to the Hotel, walk to Room 345 and a small camera in the door lets you in. This completely bypasses the need for reception and is available 24x7x365 days a year, improving customer service and reducing Hotel costs.

The system has a built in light switch trigger for the bedroom lights, a manual override and if a guest is not happy about using their face, a QR code can be used instead to enter the room. The software is ideal for in office environments, shared workspaces, apartments, cruise ships and in the future the system will evolve for use in the home.

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Engineers Clock-in Face Recognition


Staff Clock-in / out has never been easier and more accurate using TouchByte’s face time and attendance system. Staff as they enter and leave, accurately record hours worked which is then forwarded to HR for payroll. The speed of entering new colleagues on the system has been massively improved as once interviewed and a contract signed a "selfie" or photo of the new employee can be sent to the site and the employee can start work immediately.

No more “buddy punching” for friends as each individual has to be physically present and the speed of input is also improved.

Let us integrate Face Recognition into your HR system...

Gym members Face Recognition


Club membership has traditionally been fraught with misuse. Members sign other non-members in or pass their card to family members or friends to use, causing the club to miss out on revenue opportunities.

Cards don’t get returned or deleted and members get use of the club without paying. Enrolling a member with their face ensures it is the member that is entitled to use the facilities and an audit kept of the use by each member.

Also plastic cards are no longer needed contributing to the environmental gain of reducing the use of plastic.

Car Park access Face Recognition

FacePark - Car Park Access

By enrolling the users of a car park whether it be an office, hotel, airport or apartment parking, secure access can be given to the person driving any car rather than just the car the is register using ANPR. On arrival the driver would wind down the window and their face would be matched to the enrolled image and access given. The driver could then be notified of which car park space to park in.

Notification of the persons arrival can then be sent to reception so that the appropriate welcome and service actioned. This could a digital sign with the guests name and welcome.

DriverCheck Face Recognition


Drivers of specialist vehicles require training and certification that they are capable of carrying out their job. If an untrained person takes control it could be fatal. This could be relevant for trains, planes and automobiles! Our system validates the driver before the vehicle starts and checks they are who they say they are and that they have the required qualifications to perform the task. Notification of any rules being broken can be notified to management for further action.

We also can download the drivers face to the delivery bay door at each of their drop offs for access to a secure area. This allows greater flexibility for deliveries and reduced cost and time in manpower.

Man with mobile device v2


The requirement for cash, debit and credit cards will eventually disappear as your face will become a recognised payment method. Security may require two factor authentication but one of the methods will certainly be your biometric face. Retailers and Leisure operators see this as a way to significantly speed up the checkout and payment process, as time is money. Lunchtime special meal deals could be paid for by your face for example speeding up transaction times and reducing queues.

Ultimately in time all purchases could be scanned using your phone and paid for by your face biometric - reducing the need for Checkouts.

FaceReception Face Recognition


Visitors arriving at a manned reception often have to queue and sign a paper based audit book. With our software a kiosk is used to recognise someone checking in, offering them a choice of previous hosts if they’ve been before. Their photo is then sent to the host who is notified of their guest’s arrival so that they have a way of recognising the guest in reception without the need to guess who John is!! A badge can be printed or an area allocated in which that guest is free to roam.

The system saves on time and resource required to manage visitor check-in and gives a digital audit of who is in the building for fire regulation purposes.

Facexclusion Face Recognition

Facexclusion - Gambling

Self-exclusion is a process when you can ask a gambling operator to exclude you from gambling with them for a set length of time – usually between six months and five years. ... By law, this must be provided as an option by gambling operators in the UK.

This can be automated by uploading an image of the individual and then the premises get an automatic notification of the excluded persons arrival and they can either monitor or exclude the person from the premises.

Space Face 2 640x404


We are building a solution using Face Recognition technology to enable staff and guests to access specific buildings and areas within the building without the need of knowing or carrying anything that can be reproduced. The Space sector is of particular interest.

A central enrolment system would be developed to enrol staff on the system immediately after accepting a role in an organisation so that they can be allocated to the specific building or area immediately or for each day. It also ensures if someone leaves the company, access is switched off and denied immediately.

We can help authenticate that someone is who they say they are?

Lady in field

"By automatically validating someone, it has improved the speed and accuracy of check-in dramatically"

HR Manager