Digital Signage content triggered by your “Face”

Face Recognition Digital Signage

Digital Signage content triggered by your "face"

Measuring the success of digital advertising has been difficult, however using the TouchByte FaceStream solution we can give you the number of people by demographic that entered the building / shop as a result of a social media campaign or targeted advertising. Content can be generic, relevant to a particular age or gender and also personalised if the system knows who a person is.

Using the data provided helps towards a healthy return on investment and justifies the use of interactive digital signage.

Digital Signage

Demographic Content

Relevant content can be displayed depending on a persons age and gender. It provides a more targeted message to customers.

Happier customers convert into loyal customers and in turn spend more.

Personalised Content

If a person is enrolled on the system a personalised message can be displayed on the signage. This could be a welcome message or instructions where to go.

If linked to an online profile any items not checked out could be displayed with an incentive to purchase instore.

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Digital Signage

Provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of digital advertising...