AgeCheck Face Recognition

AgeCheck for Age Restricted Goods - Speeding up Self-Service Checkouts

There are four options to the AgeCheck solution:

  1. The core component is a customer’s age verification. A customer purchases an age restricted good and the system using the face algorithm estimates their age. For safety the system has a set limit of age 30 so if anyone who the system thinks is over 30 the transaction will continue with no intervention. If the system thinks the person is under 30 the transaction is held and the procedure reverts to the normal personal validation.
  2. Those individuals who look younger than their age, always get ID-checked when buying age restricted goods and therefore they must always carry their ID as proof. We have therefore enhanced the AgeCheck system so that once they have been ID checked initially, they can be enrolled on the local store system. Next time they are shopping, they are matched to the store system database and their transaction is uninterrupted without the need for repeat ID check as the system recognises their previous registration. This service encourages greater take-up of the clients’ loyalty programme, as well as increase in sales, footfall and customer satisfaction.
  3. As an age restricted item is passed by the scanner we know the age and gender of the person purchasing the item. This can be stored and accumulated into statistics that can be sold back to the suppliers of the items – this is massively useful for suppliers to understand their target customer base.
  4. Self-service checkouts are getting bad press due to customers seeing them as an opportunity to steal items. A common practice is to scan the items and bag them and then not complete the transaction. In this case if the transaction is left idle for a short period of time an image of the person who scanned the last items is sent immediately to the security guard who can then apprehend the customer before they leave and politely ask for their receipt!! Once the word gets out that the tills are being monitored in this way shrinkage should be reduced.


AgeCheck Wine Shelf

Age Related Goods

Age restricted goods such as alcohol, solvents, fireworks, some medicines and cigarettes cannot be served to children under age. We typically set the age at which the system challenges someone at under 30 to offset the potential error rate. Also people who look young can enrol onto the system by confirming their age so that next time they won't need ID to prove their age. There is also an age limit for clubs and casino's.

Marks and Sparks checkout


We are working with a number of the European suppliers of Self Service Checkouts representing 86% of the market which is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 325,000 in 2019.

Making sure "Age Restricted Products" are not sold to underage kids!

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Every second of someone waiting to be age checked, is lost revenue...

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