Transforming Daily Lives through Face Recognition Applications

TouchByte is a software company that improves people’s lives by taking out points of “Friction” from their daily routines. We do this by creating, implementing and supporting Face Recognition software solutions for national and global clients to better serve and safeguard their customers. “We add to a stress free life taking away the thought that; have I got my house keys, my car keys, my office pass, my season ticket, my credit card, my loyalty card, my gym access card, my hotel bedroom key or my wallet. You also don’t have to worry whether you have internet access or is my battery charged!”

Everything is triggered by your FACE!

Covid19 has meant we have innovated further making Facentry Contactless, FaceStream a customer counter linked to a traffic light at the entrance and FaceCall for those patients at home that want assurance that only the doctor can securely call them at home (Micro0soft Teams Face Recognition Integration).



FaceStream Lite (Customer Analytics)

We provide anonymous but accurate footfall, demographic (age & gender) and mood information which helps organisations improve their knowledge and understanding of their visiting customers’ behaviour.

The resulting insights into customer segmentation and predictive analytics (InSite2) can then be used to manage resources more effectively and so maximise revenue and profitability. Also relevant content can be triggered and presented on Digital Signage. No personal data is stored.

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FaceStream Plus (Customer Recognition)

FaceStream Plus provides footfall and demographic data and adds people recognition from a stored digital image that the system is able to recognise, allow access and notify staff upon them entering the building - VIPs, valued and repeat customers. They can then benefit from the customer's bespoke and personalised level of service. Those that arrive and need assistance can be helped immediately by an appropriate customer service agent or the notification of registered troublemakers making it a safer environment.

In this case individuals need to have agreed to their data being held as part of the GDPR rules.

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Facentry (Contactless Access Control)

Using an individual’s FACE as a means of authentication is one of the most secure and easy ways to ensure a person’s validity and allow them access information, a site, a room or a building. Access control that is contactless (no need to touch a keypad / fingerprint device) is key in this new age of protecting people from viruses. Your FACE is being used to unlock you phone so why not your car, you house, your office your Hotel bedroom and even gaining access to a building site or the gym 24/7. Facentry has been developed to be secure (anti face spoofing is an option) and if a person wishes to not use their FACE a QR code can be used instead.

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AgeCheck (Age Verification)

Frictionless Age Verification is the core component to AgeCheck. A customer purchases an age restricted product and the system using the FACE algorithm estimates their age. For safety the system has a set limit of age 30 so if anyone who the system thinks is over 30 the transaction will continue with no intervention. If the system thinks the person is under 30 the transaction is held and the procedure reverts to the normal personal validation. We monitor the whole transaction from start to finish so if we see anyone young during the transaction it reverts back to normal.
Individuals can choose to enrol on the system so there is no need to carry ID.
The software can be used for Supermarket self-service checkouts, lottery terminals, slot machines, online gambling and other age related applications.

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lady - face recognition

Solutions for most sectors!

Lady Shpper Face Recognition


Most retailers can benefit from the complete TouchByte portfolio, whether it be customer anonymous analytics, personal recognition for customer service and security, individual validation for time & attendance, kiosk interaction, faster checkout using FacePurse payment method and bespoke integration with the AgeCheck product for age related goods.

InSite2 is TouchByte's business intelligence tool than provides footfall, age and gender insight which can be combined with takings, staffing and weather. We provide solutions that give management business insights to make better more informed decisions.

Man on Station Face Recognition


Transport is a sector where providing a high level of passenger service and ensuring their safety is paramount to running a successful operation. Passenger analytics and person recognition helps to ensure management have the tools and information to make the travelling public's experience the best and safest they can. Station safety is improved as undesirables and fare dodgers can be identified immediately and dealt with. Validation that the driver is qualified and who he says he is will ensure greater levels of security and safety. "I AM MY TICKET" is the next streamlining of ticketing.

Leisure Face Recognition


Pubs, clubs and restaurants clearly benefit from knowing who their customers are and by acting on relevant data analytics that enables them to provide the highest possible personalised customer service creating greater loyalty. Seeing the effect that social media and marketing initiatives have on footfall and the demographic nature of their customers is another key metric. Recording staff working hours using FaceAttendance is a benefit as well as ensuring troublemakers are identified and managed effectively.

Hotel Reception Face Reception


Facentry provides streamlining of the customer experience and 24/7 bedroom access for the roadside and budget hotels, bypassing the need for reception. In contrast for the 4/5 star establishments guest recognition and background information is paramount to providing a truly personalised customer experience where guests are greeted by name and preferences understood. Guest anonymous analytics - footfall, age and gender can be reported on.

TouchByte has solutions for all types and sizes of Hotel both nationally and internationally.

Student Face Recognition


The safety of students is key to any education establishments and the enrolling of all the students on the system provides automated recognition for class registration. Entrance and exit capture provides a fire register and using FacePurse for the payment of lunches and other items offers a cash free environment. Safety around the campus is also key and so any dodgy looking characters can be enrolled on the system and security notified as soon as they are captured.

Face Recognition and Microsoft Teams

Health - FaceCall

FaceCall ensures persons using Face Recognition, are valid at either end of a Microsoft Teams call. Ideal for secure and audited Consultant / Patient consultations. We can also automatically registering patients as they arrive at a GP practice or hospital through FaceReception which validates authenticity, notifies the doctor and speeds up the process. Not having to constantly confirm your name and date of birth streamlines pre-op registrations "MyPreOp" and the movement of patients around a hospital.



Cruise ships where currently thousands of plastic door entry cards are taken home each week, Facentry is highly relevant as a secure method of cabin access using your Face or QR codes. Ferries where monitoring of footfall and passenger demographics is a useful insight and recording embarking and disembarking for passenger daily excursions. Providing personal security on offshore platforms and windfarms safeguards personnel whilst operating in hostile conditions.

Home Care Face Recognition

Home Care

Keeping the elderly independent in their own homes is a cost effect method of keeping end of life costs down. TouchByte’s Facentry solution provides the ability to download the care workers image to the door station giving them automatic / restricted entry into the elderly person’s home whilst notifying them on a mobile app of their name and who they are, so as to not to worry or confuse them. Also the length of time the care worker spends with the elderly person can be recorded.

Examples of face recognition applications

"We take the use of personal data very seriously"

Ensuring our customers comply with GDPR rules around customer privacy